Foster Care Training

We are committed to the development of our carers, recognising the professional role which they have within the childcare service. We also recognise that our foster carers have varied areas of interest and expertise, thus it is our intention to enable our carers to develop further their skills through a variety of learning experiences.

It is recognised that each person has a preferred style to learning, thus Regional Foster Placements provides a variety of approaches when considering how to present training. These include: workshops, conferences, 1-1 sessions, online courses and guest speakers / informal discussions at support groups. All our carers have a Professional Development Portfolio and training needs are discussed and agreed through formal supervision.

Skills To Foster: this is full time course running over 3 to 4 days during weekdays or weekends dependent upon prospective carers circumstances and location. It provides prospective carers with both theoretical and practical sessions regarding the role of the professional foster carer. It is part of the Form F Assessment and enables the carer(s) or the assessing social worker to discuss further the impact that being a foster carer will have on them and their family.

TSD: a workbook undertaken by the approved carer(s) with their supervising social worker. It is a requirement that all foster carers complete this. The workbook builds on the knowledge gained at Skills To Foster, enabling the carer(s) to provide examples of fostering practice to support the theory. Once completed, usually within 6 months, the supervising social worker confirms that standards have been met and the agency Registered Manager signs the workbook off confirming that carers have achieved the required competencies. The workbook is certificated and the content is cross-referenced with the NVQ.

Core Training: these courses, through a variety of learning approaches, provide the professional foster carer(s) with the necessary information, both theoretical and practical, to enable them to safely ‘look after’ vulnerable and complex children. All the courses link with the TSD workbook. All carers are encouraged to attend as many training courses as possible. The minimum regulatory requirement is 3 per year per fostering household.

We offer a wide range of training course below is just a sample we offer:

  • First Aid
  • Safeguarding
  • Safer Caring
  • Allegations
  • Radicalisation
  • Recording
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Health and hygiene
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Attachment and Trauma

Specific Training: These courses are available to those carers who have identified specific need  for specialised training designed to meet the individual needs for children / young people. They involve a variety of learning approaches including; formal workshops, external conferences and online courses. The courses are planned by the carer, their supervising social worker and incorporated within the carer(s) annual Training and Development Plan.

Further Professional Qualifications: Foster carers are supported in accessing their own personal and professional development. Support is provided through supervision as well as practical support such as respite. Supervising social workers are also able to provide statements confirming practice of the carer(s).