Safer Internet Audit Tool for carers, children and young people

Welcome to the Safer Internet Audit Tool

It is our responsibility to help safeguard our children and young people whilst online. By gaining a better understanding of online safety we can make ourselves better prepared to offer them the support they may need.

By following this Safer Internet Audit Tool, you can ensure you have the necessary precautions put in place in your home in order to protect them as much as possible.

Research has proven that children and young people feel more supported when their carers are aware of their online activity.

Here are some points to consider…

  • Do you know who your Internet Service Provider is and how to contact them?
  • Do you regularly talk to your children and / or young people about their internet use?
  • Do you feel comfortable talking to them about internet safety?
  • Do you know which social sites they are using?
  • Do you know the age restrictions of the sites and games they are using?
  • Do you know how to report any online abuse or cyber-bullying your child / young person may be involved in?
  • Are you making use of the privacy settings? Do you know how to set these up?
  • Are you aware of what devices they are using?
  • Do you know how could you use the internet more positively as a family?
  • Who would you contact for further advice and information?
  • Have you put an internet agreement in place with each individual child or young person in your care?

Read our guidance for carers and parents

If you are a Region Foster Placements registered carer, click here to submit an internet agreement with a child / young person.